Zuen Tech Corporation Pte Ltd

Zuen Tech Corporation Pte Ltd is one of the best management technology companies in the body, mind, and soul. We work with companies from all walks of life to provide world-class companies with key advice, market strategy, marketing, organization, operations, information technology, digital transformation, advanced analysis, corporate financing, and corporate mergers and acquisitions.

We can enable partners to add more resources, provide customers with the best customized solutions to meet their needs, overcome business challenges, and welcome a new future.

Zuen Capital Pte Ltd

Zuen Capital is one of the leading international corporate management and consulting companies in the comprehensive physical and mental health industry. We have developed cooperation with enterprises and institutions, and acted as the "core hub" for industrial upgrading and strategic refinement.

It integrates the high-quality resources of the global physical, mental health industry, provides industry exchanges and resource docking, assists companies in formulating the best decisions, and turns them into actions to achieve sustainable success.

Solve some of the most pressing problems in the world through our talents and the most innovative and effective organizations. So as to promote the society and achieve the impact of reform. We work with organizations that have pioneering and expansion models so that they can deliver real results.

We provide global leaders with advice on the most critical issues and opportunities across industries and regions, including: strategy, marketing, organization, operations, information technology, digital transformation and excellent analysis, sustainable development, corporate financing, mergers and acquisitions, etc. . In addition, the company also provides collective asset business management services for enterprises.

Yuan Yum Yum Pte Ltd

Yuan Yum Yum is a convenience concept that pursues continuous innovation with unique characteristics, and carries a variety of different products that modern convenience stores should have. Yuan Yum Yum's highlight is on its curated five-element health supplement products, serving consumers from the perspective of mind, body and soul. Yuan Yum Yum provides consumers with a convenient life and is committed to leading the latest trend in the convenience store industry.


Your personal access to exclusive luxury deals.
Bringing the best selection and deals direct from boutiques, outlets, and authorised retailers in Europe – right to your doorstep.


ZISHANGE Capital management focuses on personal numerology, residential feng shui, commercial office feng shui, opening of the company, baby birth, wedding auspicious day, etc.

It integrates the high-quality resources of the global physical, mental health industry, provides industry exchanges and resource docking, assists companies in formulating the best decisions, and turns them into actions to achieve sustainable success.

Zuen Mall

Zuen Mall is a fresh fast delivery service provider, covering fruits and vegetables, meat, poultry, eggs, milk, seafood, aquatic products, grain and oil seasonings, etc. After users purchase goods in Zuen Mall, they will be sent to nearby locations according to the location of the delivery address. The rider dispatches orders and delivers them; the service model of pre-warehouse distribution and delivery, drives the upgrade of the industrial chain through technology, and provides users with a fresh consumption experience with certain quality, time, and category. The service scope covers the entire Singapore, and it is a trusted Internet enterprise for people's livelihood.

Yuan Cuisine Group Pte Ltd

Yuan Cuisine Group's concept restaurant aims to realize the concept of "homemade dishes by restaurant standards". Each concept promises a sensory experience with service that comes from the heart, immersing diners in an atmosphere that captures the subtleties of Chinese and Japanese culture, especially the best of the rich palette of culinary delights. True to our mission to enhance, improve and create the ultimate dining experience for our customers, Yuan Cuisine Group ensures high quality food, excellent service and unique interior design at every outlet. The group aims to invigorated the scene with a variety of culinary styles such as Chinese and Japanese cuisine, embracing tradition at its best.

The Luxury Lifestyle Clubhouse Pte Ltd (TLLC)

Launching Oct 2021

Launching May 2022

TLLC Strategic Partners

Tonino Lamborghini

The Tonino Lamborghini Group is a lifestyle experience brand with an Italian design heritage and luxury at its core. The Group designs and develops a vast and iconic range of luxury products and experiences, including mobiles, watches, eyewear, jewellery, home furnishing, clothing, sports accessories, Italian beverages, 5-star boutique hotels and chic restaurants and lounges around the world. All products are united under the instantly recognizable symbol of the Tonino Lamborghini Group, the 'Raging Bull'.

Eagle Wings

Endeavoring to bring people together with love and joy, EagleWings Group presents a variety of experiences. Brought to you from the bottom of our hearts with top quality ingredients, entertainment and service. EagleWings Yacht Charters offers the best of the sea. EagleWings Loft features a casual yet sophisticated ambience. The café aims to bring diners the finest cuisines from EagleWings yacht that travels around the region. EagleWings Cinematics was birthed in line with our hopes for the mall – to bring joy to friends and families through a range of wholesome offerings.

Imperial Dragon Academy

Imperial Dragon Academy is an education company that focuses on improving everyone's economic situation, realizing everyone's dream, and focusing on adding value and wealth. We believe in spreading knowledge that are proven and time tested that appeals to anyone who wishes to make a change in their current life. Courses includes financial literacy, understanding your body, mind and soul, taking charge on your life destiny.