Core Team


Master Hillary Phang

Grand Master Hillary Phang's expertise in Fengshui art stems from his keen interest in metaphysics (Fengshui), Numerology, Emperor Star Astrology, Date Selection and Chinese Ontology since he was a child. Founded famous retail metaphysics retail chain Yuan Zhong Siu more than 30 years ago, through dedication and professionalism, he has won public respect through accurate Metaphysics and Emperor Star Astrological analysis and has also helped many companies as their Advisor. Since then, he has been hailed as the Master of the new generation.

Master Phang has held more than 1,000 seminars in Asia and is known for his knowledge and interaction with audiences. He has also appeared in "The Straits Times", "New Daily", “Metro TV”, “Tencent QQ”, “Lian He News", "Xinmin Daily“ and other major publications.


Stanley Ng

Having served in the consulting field for 16 years, Stanley has been assisting many SME and MNC to improve their business. He also provides consulting services related to business planning, financial planning, information systems, marketing, process reengineering, sales and strategic planning/management, overseas expansion, BizTRUST, CaseTrust and HRCP, family business licensing, intellectual property, franchising and brand promotion.

He is responsible for several projects in China, Middle East, Malaysia, Vietnam, Maldives and Japan, in the field of business consulting involving brands and customer positioning in new markets. He is also the official marketing and brand ambassador of the Lamborghini family.


Alan Ng

Alan has served as the head of the International Business Department of the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS), responsible for strengthening the relationship with major intellectual property stakeholders outside Singapore (including government agencies, institutions, inventors, creators, entrepreneurs, venture capiltalist, etc.) , striving to build Singapore into Asia's global intellectual property hub.

He was also the president of IPOS International Private Limited (IPOS-I), a wholly-owned subsidiary of IPOS, and was responsible for structuring multi-party business transactions and joint ventures. The mission of IPOS-I is to establish good business partnerships with government and private organizations to expand the intellectual property ecosystem in Singapore and ASEAN.


Linus Ng

Lawyer Linus Ng is a partner of Donalson & Burkinshaw LLP, specializing in corporate and commercial business, technology and data protection practices. He is also a member of the board of directors of listed and private companies, as well as a member of the board of directors of public institutions.

He also provides support and legal consulting work related to compliance issues of the Singapore Stock Exchange, Singapore Company Law, corporate governance norms and related regulations. Due to his outstanding public service contribution as a consumer advocate, he was awarded the “Pingat Bakti Masyarakat” by the President of Singapore in 2020.